“Jonathan brings an exceptional sense of partnership to every project. He’s a versatile artist who can shoot everything from Architecture, landscape and food to fashion and beauty. Jonathan is a nimble hardworking and genuine photographer to collaborate with when you need a flexible shooter”

Brett Compton VP and Creative Director Blattner Brunner Advertising Atlanta


“Whether it’s architecture, table top, travel or people, I have complete confidence in Jonathan’s ability to produce great shots.
He’s as versatile photographer as I know.”

Carl Warner EVP / Executive Creative Director Engauge

I have been working directly with Jonathan Harper for approximately seven years, during which time Jonathan rose to the position of PSA Staff Photographer-All Titles, covering a very diverse base of photography ranging from architectural, to food, to people.  This most important post based on the multiple titles we publish, and the individual photo, styling, creative sets, and challenging conditions encountered, required a unique professional with immense attention to detail.  During this time it became evident that Jonathan possessed superior photographic, and creative skills, with a unique ability to anticipate potential issues, thereby avoiding what could have become problems in this most sensitive area of our business; an extremely valuable trait, which has resulted in numerous industry awards.  His work ethic, and dedication to this most important position at PSA have been executed in a most professional manner.  Jonathan is a quick study, with “vision” and has earned great respect from his co-workers, and our executive staff.

I highly recommend this quality individual, and believe, that given the opportunity, he will make a meaningful contribution to reaching your company goals.  Should you desire further insight to his capabilities, I encourage you to contact me directly at 561-307-0100.


Phil Lewis President & CEO PSA Mags